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SB 663 Veterans Organization Property Tax Exemption

Senate Bill 663 extends the property tax exemption afforded to veteran organizations. It allows a portion of a veterans organization’s property used for fraternal, lodge, or social club purposes to be exempt from property tax. The measure is sponsored by the American Legion. The properties that qualify under this bill are often veteran halls, and these facilities and organizations offer space, comfort, and community to our veterans and their families. They play a role in helping military personnel adjust back to civilian life.

SB 452 Cancer Registry Patient Notification

Senate Bill 452 requires the California Department of Public Health (CDPH) to send an informational brochure explaining the California Cancer Registry to each individual added to the registry. The California Cancer Registry (CCR) is operated by the CDPH.

Regulations by the CDPH currently require the diagnosing physician to notify the patients of the cancer registry; however, cancer patients often report that they do not have knowledge of the registry. Once a researcher is approved to contact an individual cancer patient to participate in a research project, a letter along with an informational brochure about the CCR is sent to the patient. Until then, patients are often unaware that their personal information (including personally identifiable information such as name, birthdate, social security number, and address) and medical information have been shared.

SB 385 Private Investigator License Cleanup

Senate Bill 385 amends the Private Investigator Act in the Business and Professions Code to provide a consistent punishment for unlicensed activity; provide for one, modernized document as the license; and ensure that consumers are able to look up a license status using the name of the investigator.

SB 578 Timeshare Company Updates (Signed by the Governor)

Senate Bill 578 updates the laws governing timeshares. This bill permits a timeshare company to offer lodging outside a 20-mile radius of the property being presented if the consumer agrees. Additionally, Senate Bill 578 updates the arbitration options allowed by removing the required use exclusively the American Arbitration Association.

SB 540 Split-dollar Life Insurance Policies for Nonprofits

Senate Bill 540 allows a nonprofit to offer their officers a loan regime split-dollar life insurance policy that is secured by either its death benefit or cash surrender value, or both. Since the early 2000s, Federal guidelines have allowed these types of split-dollar loans to be secured by either the death benefit, the cash surrender value, or both. SB 540 would merely mirror the federal guidelines in California.

Split-dollar loans can be a beneficial tool for employers to recruit or retain key officers when additional cash compensation is not an option. SB 540 makes this arrangement more beneficial to the officer while keeping it cost-neutral to the organization and providing a means of complete cost recovery.

SB 308 Definition of Instrument (Signed by the Governor)

SB 308 Signed by Governor

Senate Bill 308 corrects current law to create consistency between trust instruments and wills.