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SB 218 helps small businesses transition their structure as they grow.

SB 528 creates an electronic health care portal that will allow health care providers and public health nurses to access the critical health information of a child in foster care.

SB 841 “The SAFE Act” (The Sexually Violent Predator Accountability, Fairness, and Enforcement Act)

  1. Make the highest criteria of any potential placement of an SVP be that of public safety;
  2. Require the Department of State Hospital to take ownership of the placement process by approving any placements BEFORE the vendor can sign any leases for placement locations;
  3. Place a hard limit on the placement of SVPs within a county to no more 40% in any one supervisorial district;
  4. Mandate the Director of the DSH to publicly report annually how many SVPs are in each county, and in which supervisorial district; anD
  5. Require DSH, the Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation, and the Department of Forestry and Fire Protection (CAL FIRE) to assess all land under their control and report to the Governor AND Legislature any inventory of facilities that could be used to house SVPs, as previous administrations have done historically.

SB 894 creates a registration program for competition off-highway vehicles.

SB 919 combats catalytic converter thefts with a three-pronged approach addressing identification, sale, and theft.

SB 946 improves transparency and communication between the California Department of Child Support Services and the courts.

SB 962 aligns California law with the College of American Pathologists standards to assure that qualified respiratory care practitioners may work as laboratory directors and technical consultants in moderate complexity laboratories.

SB 994 allows Naturopathic Doctors to hire Licensed Vocational Nurses.

SB 1006 helps law enforcement, social workers, and medical professionals get homeless individuals out of encampments and off the streets immediately, using homeless outreach teams (also known as a "wrap-around service" teams).

SB 1024 establishes a process for a probate court to appoint a professional fiduciary practice administrator as temporary successor in the event the original professional fiduciary becomes incapacitated or dies.

SB 1120 updates the regulations for industries covered by the Board for Professional Engineers, Land Surveyors, and Geologists to conform to modern industry standards.

SB 1129 reinstates the felony murder rule for attempted murder or manslaughter of a peace officer.

SB 1135 establishes a voluntary pilot program for schools to offer heart screenings in order to help prevent kids dying from Sudden Cardiac Arrest.

SB 1159 adopts the Uniform Law Commission’s Uniform Fiduciary Income and Principal Act.

SB 1214 clarifies how local government Planning Departments can share architectural drawings on proposed projects in a manner that does not violate US Copyright Act.

SB 1303 gives cities and counties more tools to get mentally ill homeless individuals off the street and help them stay off the street by allowing any county to opt-in to a pilot program to establish housing conservatorships for homeless individuals who have been consistently and repeatedly detained on “5150” involuntary holds.

SB 1320 clarifies that an insurer is liable if a lapse in policy resulted from the insurer’s failure to provide proper notification of pending lapse to both the insured and their designee, as prescribed by current law.

SB 1354 authorizes a city or county to use the design-build contracting process for projects to comply with ADA.

SB 1365 establishes greater transparency in the path for a formerly incarcerated applicant to earn a license under a Department of Consumer Affairs Board or Bureau.

SB 1403 extends, by one hour, the time a thoroughbred racing association or fair may accept wagers on out-of-country horse races.

SB 1421 adds a member to the Interagency Council on Homelessness that is a current or formerly homeless person with a developmental disability.