Two More Measures by Senator Jones Signed Into Law by the Governor

Jones continues his efforts to remove regulations and barriers that harm constituents and businesses

Sacramento – Today Senator Brian Jones (R-Santee) announced that the Governor signed two more of his bills into law:

  • Senate Bill 540 was an idea suggested by a constituent who saw that California’s current laws affecting life insurance policies for employees working at non-profit agencies did not align with federal law.  The measure corrects that difference, giving nonprofits a tool to attract and retain exceptional employees.

  • Senate Bill 557, sponsored by the California Judges Association, requires information revealed through competency hearings to be confidential, unless a judge believes it to be beneficial to the public to release. Competency hearings often reveal sensitive medical information that would be subject to strict privacy laws in any other setting. This measure will protect the mental and physical health records of individuals that are subject to these hearings.

“I am proud to carry measures to help solve problems facing my constituents and our community leaders,” said Jones.  “Often the best ideas for needed changes in the law come directly from the people who will be impacted most.”