Senator Jones Votes Against Senate Bill 714, a Vaccine Mandate Measure

Sacramento – Senator Brian Jones (R-Santee) today spoke out against, and voted against, Senate Bill 714 (authored by Richard Pan, D-Sacramento), a companion measure to SB 276 which was passed last week.  Together, both measures severely limit exemptions from state-mandated vaccines.

SB 714 was approved on a 27 - 11 vote on the Senate Floor on a straight party line vote.  Both SB 714 and SB 276 were quickly signed by the Governor after the Senate’s vote.

Click here to see Senator Jones’ statement on the Senate Floor against SB 714.

As part of his statement, Jones quoted (in both Latin and English) the motto of the California State Senate:  “Senatoris Est Civitatis Libertatuem Tueri” – “It is the Duty of the Senators to Protect the Liberty of the People.”