Senator Jones Newsletter: May 2019

Lemon Grove Town Hall Meeting

I’m honored to serve as your representative. Hearing directly from you is my top priority. On April 25 in Lemon Grove, I hosted my second town hall meeting of the year, and I was grateful to speak with the over 100 residents that attended. Thank you Mayor Racquel Vasquez, Councilman Jerry Jones, and the Lemon Grove city staff for making it possible for the residents of Lemon Grove and surrounding communities to have access to their legislator and the services my office provides.

Are You Kidding Me?

If you’ve known me since my Assembly days, you are probably familiar with my “Are You Kidding Me?” video series where I highlight examples of issues being discussed in the Capitol that you might not have heard about (or believe). In the most recent episode, I address the tweets of Joshua Clover, a tenured English and comparative literature professor at UC Davis, that circulated recently and caused many to ask for his resignation.


We are approaching a House of Origin deadline in the State Capitol. This deadline requires all bills introduced in the Senate to be passed and sent to the Assembly and vice versa. I have been working hard to pass several bills that my constituents brought to me. You can learn about them at

This is the very first step for every bill: Being formally introduced across the desk and receiving a number!

Poway Strong

The tragic events in our beloved community of Poway on Saturday, April 27 left us all stunned, searching desperately for answers, and mourning the loss of a beautiful life, Lori Kaye.

My colleagues in the Capitol have extended their love and support for our community. Some of their remarks from the California Legislative Jewish Caucus press conference can be found here:

Unclaimed Property

If the state is holding money that belongs to you, I want you to get it back! An unclaimed property search by name is simple. Visit the State Controller’s website at where you can search the database.

There is no cost to see if the state is holding any unclaimed property that belongs to you, so beware of scams that offer to recover your unclaimed property once you’ve paid a “deposit.”

If you need any help, contact my district office at 619-596-3136. Please tell us your story if you find lost money by emailing me at

Nominate Your Hero (American Red Cross)

The American Red Cross San Diego/Imperial Counties hosts the Real Heroes Breakfast every fall, and they need your help. If you know of a local hero, use the link below to nominate them to be celebrated at the Real Heroes Breakfast.

All nominees must work or reside within the chapter’s service area, which includes American Samoa, San Diego County and Imperial County. The heroic act may have occurred elsewhere. The heroic act must be either an ongoing commitment to the community for more than one year or have occurred on or after January 1, 2018. All nominees must be able to attend the Heroes Breakfast and be willing to participate in video interviews and photographs for media and promotional reasons (exceptions can be made if necessary).

Use this link to nominate your hero. Deadline to nominate is July 31.

In Case You Missed It

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