Senator Brian Jones' Commentary: "Californians must ensure infringements on liberties during pandemic are only temporary"

An op-ed penned by California State Senator Brian Jones (R-Santee), making the case for a return of all liberties temporarily restricted by government during COVID-19, was published in today’s San Diego Union-Tribune.

Jones’ commentary, titled “Californians must ensure infringements on liberties during pandemic are only temporary,” is a thoughtful review of the government’s restrictions on individual freedoms since the onset of the COVID-19 medical pandemic.  It makes a convincing case that the full rights of Americans (such as freedom of assembly, travel and commerce) must be returned as soon as possible once the COVID-19 pandemic is stabilized.

In it, Jones, a member of the Senate’s Special Committee on Pandemic Emergency Response, states:  “When we return to normalcy, we must review what has taken place. All of our leaders, including me, should be held accountable for the decisions we have made. This is how we ensure that the infringements on our liberties are temporary and that they were narrowly tailored to achieve the state’s interest in keeping people safe. We must do so critically and thoroughly. We must be vocal about what was unnecessary overreach, if and when that becomes clear.”

To read the full commentary by Senator Jones please click here. To distribute or re-post, please make note that it was originally published in the San Diego Union Tribune.

Senator Brian Jones is available for interviews to discuss his commentary.  Please contact John Mendez at (619) 396-9017 or to schedule a time to talk with Jones today or throughout the week.