Senator Brian Jones Coauthors Measure to Repeal AB 5

Proposed Constitutional Amendment would allow voters to overturn Gonzalez' measure forcing independent contractors to become employees

Sacramento – State Senator Brian jones (R-Santee) today announced he coauthored “The Right to Earn a Living Act,” a measure by Assemblyman Kevin Kiley (R-Rocklin) that would overturn Assembly Bill 5.

Last year’s AB 5, by liberal Democrat Lorena Gonzalez-Fletcher of San Diego, is forcing thousands of independent contractors to become formal employees of a business.  AB 5 has been a boon to union leaders but horrible for California’s economy, workers and businesses.

AB 5 is particularly harmful to less traditional businesses, particularly for those owned by women and persons of color who prior to AB 5 were working to get ahead in the California economy.

Kiley and Jones’ Assembly Constitutional Amendment 19 would, if approved by the voters, overturn

AB 5 and allow Californians to have maximum flexibility in deciding what type of work environment best serves the needs of them and their family.

Specifically, ACA 19 states: 

“Individuals have the right to pursue a chosen business or profession free from arbitrary or excessive government interference,” and that state law “shall not prevent an employer from agreeing to an employee’s request for a flexible work schedule . . .”

“Hardworking Californians should have the basic right to decide if they want to be an independent contractor or in a traditional employer-employee arrangement,” said Senator Jones.  “If the employer and the worker jointly agree to flexible work hours or unconventional work settings, the government should keep its nose out of it.”