Senator Brian Jones Coauthors Legislation to Repeal AB 5 - the Job Killer Law

“Heartless law enacted last year threatens hundreds of thousands of California workers”

Sacramento – State Senator Brian Jones (R-Santee) announced today he is coauthoring legislation to repeal Assembly Bill 5, the law enacted last year that will arbitrarily force hundreds of thousands of independent contractors to instead become formal employees of a business.

“AB 5 is a blatant power-grab by Democrat politicians and some labor bosses,” stated Senator Jones.  “Hard-working Californians face the loss of their businesses and livelihoods.  Governor Newsom never should have signed such a poorly thought-out measure and it’s time to repeal it.”

Jones’s Senate Bill 806 would repeal AB 5 and instead allow Californians to have maximum flexibility in deciding what type of work environment best serves the needs of them and their family.

SB 806 is coauthored by every member of the Senate Republican Caucus and is awaiting referral in the Senate Rules Committee.

Repeal AB5