Senate Transportation Committee Unanimously Passes Jones' Competition Off-Highway Vehicle Program

Sacramento – The Senate Transportation Committee unanimously passed State Senator Brian Jones’ (R-Santee) Senate Bill 1024, a measure that saves competition off-highway vehicles in California.

Currently, competition off-highway vehicles are registered though the Red Sticker program within the California Air Resources Board (CARB). This program has allowed off-highway vehicles to operate in the state for the past two decades. The Red Sticker program is set to end in 2021 with no plan to replace it within CARB. Without a new program, off-highway vehicle competitions and practice riding on public lands will be put to an end in California at a great loss to local businesses, manufacturers, and a storied tradition of valued competition. SB 1024 moves the Red Sticker competition program into a responsible Competition Sticker program under California State Parks.

"In order to save a beloved sport with a long history in California, SB 1024 creates a Competition Sticker program to replace the Red Sticker. This new program has been crafted in collaboration with a variety of stakeholders including the affected government agencies and the off-highway vehicle community. I look forward to continuing this collaboration as we finalize the details of the bill,” stated Senator Jones. 

SB 1024 goes next to the Senate Appropriations Committee for hearing.