Republican Caucus Chair Brian Jones Leads Senate Reps in Defeating SB 50... Again

“Republicans favor a bi-partisan approach based on incentives rather than punishments”

Sacramento – State Republican Caucus Chair Brian Jones (R-Santee) this morning rallied the majority of his caucus to withhold support for Senate Bill 50 on the Senate Floor.  This was the second vote in two days that the Senate took on SB 50.  The measure failed by identical 18-15 votes on consecutive days, with 14 of the 29 Senate Democrats also unwilling to support SB 50.

“Rather than the stale strategy of forcing state mandates onto local governments and California homeowners, perhaps the Governor and legislative Democrat leaders will join us in supporting new ideas,” stated Jones.  “Let’s get rid of the $10,000 forced solar power mandate on every new home; let’s reduce the home buying and home building fees they keep raising; and let’s lessen the litany of regulations, such as CEQA, that keeps construction costs climbing.”

SB 50, one of the most hotly-contested measures of the session, is authored by Senator Scott Weiner (D-San Francisco) and was an attempt to generate new housing construction throughout California.  SB 50 would “encourage” more housing by basically usurping local control and forcing new housing over the objections of cities, communities and neighborhoods.

Senator Jones and his fellow Senate Republicans remain committed to working with the all Senators to address the state’s housing crisis.