Jones Strongly Opposes Progressive Family Leave Bill Passed by Senate Democrats That Decimates Small Businesses

“The final nail in the coffin of thousands of small businesses in the once Golden State”

Sacramento – State Senator Brian Jones (R-Santee) opposed job killer legislation SB 1383 (Jackson, D-Santa Barbara) on the Senate Floor this morning. Despite bi-partisan opposition, the Democrat majority ultimately passed the measure off the floor.

SB 1383 requires 12 weeks of protective leave for small, mid-sized, and large employers – in the midst of a pandemic and recession – with no flexibility. Any employer with as few as five employees will have to comply with the mandate, or be subject to expensive and burdensome litigation.

“This is the final nail in the coffin of thousands of small businesses in the once Golden State.  The wealthy Democrat Governor and his liberal elite allies in the Legislature have put a bullseye on hard-working Californians,” stated Senator Jones.

This bill is labeled as a “Job Killer” by the California Chamber of Commerce because of the devastating impact it will have on employers who are already struggling to reopen and rebuild their business. The bill is not limited in scope to only address COVID-19, but rather will be mandated moving forward.

“SB 1383 harms all employers, but disproportionately harms the smallest employers in California – many of whom are minorities, women, and veterans – at a time when they can least afford it. This bill will put small businesses out of business,” Senator Jones notes.

SB 1383 passed the Senate Floor (21-12) and will now proceed to the Assembly for referral to policy committee.