Jones sets up TikTok account – taking to task Newsom and Democrat Legislators about gas tax suspension stall

Sacramento, CA – State Senator Brian W. Jones (R-Santee) today released the latest editions of his acclaimed “Are You Kidding Me?” (AYKM) video series on providing thought-provoking ideas and questioning government actions and decisions that sometimes just don’t make any sense.

Today’s AYKM is a four-part series dubbed “Gas Is Too Damn High” on TikTok, taking Governor Newsom and Democrat legislators to task for their stalling tactics aimed at preventing any suspension of gas tax.

“Today, California’s gas average tops $6, the highest-recorded average per gallon of regular unleaded, according to AAA. Californians should know there is a way for immediate relief at the pump, but their government is too greedy to stop taxing them,” said Senator Brian Jones. “The goal of my videos is to raise awareness of California’s gas taxes and fees, and Democrat politicians’ refusal to suspend them and bring prices down. With nearly a $100 billion surplus, there is no excuse to not act on lowering gas prices immediately.”

Click here to view Part 1 – “Too much money”

Click here to view Part 2 – “Gas is too damn high, every wonder why?”

Click here to view Part 3 – “Can’t afford an electric car”

Click here to view Part 4 – “Gas tax increase, need money for the High-Speed Rail”

Click here to view a compilation of all four parts on YouTube.