Jones Rips Into SANDAG

Sacramento – On the Senate Floor today during the debate on Assembly Bill 1730, Senator Brian Jones (R-Santee) called for SANDAG (San Diego Association of Governments) to review its management.

Jones’ complaint about SANDAG is the agency’s sponsorship of AB 1730, a recently amended measure that would prohibit gas tax funds from being used for badly needed upgrades to gridlocked Highways 52, 67 and 78 in East and North San Diego County.  AB 1730 mandates that the funds can only be used for projects involving bicycles and buses.

“It is ‘bait & switch,’” said Jones.  “They promise East and North County residents upgrades to their roads and highways in exchange for their support for a local tax hike 15 years ago, and their votes for a statewide gas tax hike last year, then produce a spending plan that excludes us.  I think it’s time for a review of the management at SANDAG.”

Click here to watch Senator Jones speaking on the Senate Floor against AB 1730 and ripping into SANDAG’s secret maneuverings.