Jones meeting with students, teachers, seniors, and parks officials on a busy Friday morning

Just one day after finishing up the final three days (and nights) of the 2021-2022 legislative session at the State Capitol, Senator Brian W. Jones (R-Santee) was busy at several meetings with constituents throughout his East and North County Senate District.

Jones first stopped by Literacy First Charter School in El Cajon where he had the opportunity to talk with the school’s students, teachers, and administrators.  Jones gave a short lesson to a fourth grade class on California’s government and encouraged them to write to their elected officials about school and education policies they think should be changed.

Jones then stopped at the Meadowbrook Mobile Home Park in Santee where he helped serve food and talked with senior residents of the park about a wide variety of issues.

After lunch, Jones was off to the Santee Lakes Recreational Preserve where he walked the grounds and talked with the Preserve Director about the important environmental work they are doing to protect the natural habitat and increase public access.

“After spending countless hours earlier this week in committee rooms and on the Senate Floor, it was a welcomed relief to get back to see our beautiful East and North County communities and residents,” stated Senator Brian W. Jones.  “The best part of this job is helping our folks through and past tough times like school shutdowns, business closures, job losses, restrictions on the use of their own recreational areas, and getting back to living their lives.”