Jones' Measure Reducing Licensing Burdens on Californians Passed by Senate

Sacramento – A measure by State Senator Brian Jones (R-Santee) to reduce the licensing burden on working Californians was unanimously approved by the Senate.

Jones’ Senate Bill 878 will ease licensing burdens for California workers who are required to be licensed by the Department of Consumer Affairs (DCA).

“California has a heavily regulated and cumbersome licensing scheme that does not serve Californians well, stated Senator Brian Jones. “SB 878 will make the process to get licensed under DCA much smoother and more predictable for license applicants.”

Specifically, SB 878 will require all boards and bureaus within DCA to prominently display on their websites the current average timeframe for processing initial and renewal license applications.

“The Department of Consumer Affairs has an ancient processing system which keeps hard-working Californians in limbo about the license processing timeframes. These licensees need to know about their application status so they can plan accordingly for entry into the workforce as soon as possible.

SB 878 will now proceed to the Assembly for referral to policy committee.