Jones' Measure to Create Consistency in California Law Signed by the Governor

Senator Jones (R-Santee) is wasting no time getting his bills to the Governor’s desk. On Monday, two and one-half months before the legislative deadline, Governor Gavin Newsom signed Jones’ Senate Bill 308 that corrects current law to create consistency between trust instruments and wills. It passed both houses without any no votes.

Jones commented, “I am proud to get this bill signed by the Governor so early in our legislative session. I was sent to the State Capitol to do the job and make a difference for my constituents and all Californians.” He continued, “Whether seeking consensus on common sense measures or speaking out against all the proposed tax hikes, over-regulation of small business, and invasions to our privacy - that’s what I am going to do. I will continue to waste no time in working diligently to represent my constituents by advocating for good legislation and trying to kill the bad.”