Jones: Democrat Legislators' Budget is Oppressive to Hardworking Californians

“Why do you (Democrat Legislators) continue to allow this government to oppress small businesses in California? When is it going to stop?”


Sacramento, CA – During last night’s debate on the state budget, Senator Brian Jones (R-Santee) ripped into his Democrat colleagues for their plan to use the state budget to increase spending, increase taxes and increase government restrictions on small businesses and their workers.

“This budget paints a bright line between the values of Democrat legislators and the values of Republican legislators,” stated Jones.  “Why does this Legislature (controlled by a supermajority of Democrats) continue to oppress hardworking, honest Californians that just want to make a living and keep their businesses in California?”

Jones pointed to the following items in the state budget to prove his point:

  • $9 billion in tax increases;
  • $22 million for the state to enforce AB 5 (the anti-Independent Contractor law);
  • $13 million for new, high priced salary slots at the failed High Speed Rail Authority;
  • $6.5 million for Democrat Attorney General Xavier Becerra to file more lawsuits in his running feud against President Trump;
  • The majority of Republican Senators have experience running small businesses, hiring workers and independent contractors and signing the front of a paycheck, while few Democrat Senators do;
  • The 11 million Californians represented by Republican Senators were disenfranchised by the Democrat Senators who wrote the budget in secret.