Jones and other Republican legislators announce a package of measures to battle homelessness

ACT: Accountability, Compassion, and Treatment

Senator Brian W. Jones (R-Santee) and several other Republican legislators held a press conference yesterday announcing their introduction of the “ACT on Homelessness” legislative package.

“Up until now Governor Newsom has had a ‘My way or the highway’ approach to homelessness,” stated Jones. “And that’s just what has occurred: more and more homeless encampments are popping up on highways. I contacted the Governor’s Office three years ago when he appointed his two ‘Homeless Czars’ – Mayor Steinberg and then-Supervisor Ridley-Thomas – and I offered to help. I never got a call back from any of them.” (Click here to watch Jones speaking at the press conference).

Jones went on to discuss his Senate Bill 1006, a measure authorizing the state to assist local law enforcement agencies that send homeless assessment (“wrap-around”) teams into the field to not just clear out homeless encampments, but also to immediately assess the needs of homeless individuals along with providing immediate placements in necessary health programs and appropriate housing facilities. 

“I am encouraged that things may be changing,” continued Jones. “One of my bills – SB 1006, regarding assessment teams – did receive bi-partisan support when it passed the Senate Public Safety Committee this week. That is a good sign that just maybe, maybe the Democrats are finally willing to work with Republicans in battling the homelessness issue.”

California is home to 12 percent of the nation’s population, but has 28 percent of the nation’s homeless and 47 percent of its unsheltered homeless. Legislative Democrats and the governor have thrown $17 billion at the homelessness crisis over the past four years and the problem has only gotten worse. To ensure our state starts seeing better results, the Republican solutions emphasize results by demanding accountability, providing housing and shelter, treating mental health and substance abuse, and preventing at-risk people from falling into homelessness in the first place.

SB 1006 is similar to Jones’s Senate Bill 1203 of 2020, which was part of his comprehensive six-bill package dealing with homelessness issues that was never heard nor voted upon.

For more information on Jones’s SB 1006 and the entire Legislative Republican Act on Homelessness legislative package, click here.